Functional testing of Flex-applications with Ruby

- A Ruby tool for functional testing of Adobe Flex applications

FunFX is the only free alternative to achieve functional testing of Adobe Flex applications.

Open-source and uses Ruby

FunFX is open-source and uses Ruby to write tests. Ruby is a simple but yet powerfull language, which makes it possible to write tests that are easy to understand. Ruby was whosen due to its DOM capabilities and the fact that it is a scripting language.

FunFX has used Watir, a great testing tool for web applications, as a model on how to write the tests in Ruby.

FunFX is created as a framework that will enable you to drive a Flex application through a web browser. FunFX together with for instance Test::Unit or rSpec creates a great to for testing and asserting the functionality of a Flex application.

This framework is the result of a master thesis at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The assignment was given by BEKK Consulting AS.

Syntax example

@ie = Funfx.instance
@ie.speed = 1

@ie.data_grid("nameOfDataGrid").drag_start(:dragged_item => "nameOfObject")
@ie.date_field("nameOfDateField").change(:new_date => "2007.4.27")


7th february 2008

A test site is released(Test application). This site contains an high percentage of the available controls in Flex. The point of this Flex application is to increase knowledge on how to test Flex application. New users will be able to see how specific controls are tested. Hopefully other developer will donate some sample code, which will be added to the application. This might be code that is difficult to test, and they have an solution they would like to share with other users. Or they will share a code sample they are not able to test, and would like other FunFX users to contribute trying to test the code.

7th february 2008

This new FunFX site is released, which hopefully will be a good entry point for using FunFX.